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SEP 2018

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| SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2018 22 COLUMNS T he KBA Young Lawyers Division motto is "Empower Your Future." e YLD strives to provide infor- mation, programming, and opportunities to assist our members to improve themselves and their futures. Two areas we are par- ticularly focused on this year are attorney wellness and professional development. While both have always been important to the YLD, this year we created two new leadership positions in order to provide tools to empower lawyers to achieve success both professionally and personally. ATTORNEY WELLNESS As young lawyers, we have a lot to juggle. Demanding careers, family obligations, commitments to professional associations and volunteer organizations, and much more. It often feels like a sprint that turned into a marathon. First, lawyers labor to get into law school only to spend three or four years studying continually and pushing themselves academically. When the end is in sight, most new graduates then head right into studying for the bar exam, which requires immense endurance and fortitude. Finally, young lawyers land in a profession that is challenging with increasingly high expectations from clients, judges, and employers. e stress and pressure are real and can take a toll unless a strong effort is made to pay attention to our minds and bodies and to take steps to stay healthy. Attorney wellness is not a new concept. We have heard about it in the news, from bar associations, and on social media. Young lawyers today want and need balance. We want to excel in our careers without succumbing to stress or harming our bodies with unhealthy coping mechanisms. e YLD recognizes this need and the desire of our members for programming and information on attorney wellness. e new position of Attorney Wellness Coordi- nator will work with the Membership Team to provide this service for our members. e goal is to have YLD blogposts, pod- casts, and programming related to attorney mindfulness, work/life balance, dealing with stress, taking care of one's physical and mental health, substance abuse issues and other areas to ensure the KBA has a healthy and happy bar. PROFFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Young lawyers are always striving to be better professionally. When I speak with YLD members about what they want from the division I hear that they want network- ing opportunities and resources to help them be better lawyers and advance their careers. e YLD has a unique opportunity to help young lawyers broaden their profes- sional lives after law school. e new position of Professional Devel- opment Coordinator will work with the Membership Team to provide content and programming for our members related to furthering them professionally. We are developing the "members only" section of the website to provide contact information for attorneys throughout the state who are willing to answer questions for young law- yers, a forms bank, and other resources. All of this will be in addition to the free online CLE that is currently on the "member's only" page of the website. e YLD believes it is important for the profession to have competent young lawyers FOLLOW THE In order to get the informa- tion to our members, we will be utilizing social media and our website. If you have not already liked our Facebook page, please do so here: https://www.face- Also, follow us on Twitter @KBAYLD. IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE YLD, BUT WANT TO GET INVOLVED, please visit the "Join" section of the YLD website: and that the YLD can serve a role by pro- viding access to resources and information. While there are many resources available on various websites, blogs, etc., the YLD intends to create a "one stop shop" on the website for easy and quick access. PROVIDE THE YLD INPUT ON WHAT MEMBERS WANT The YLD is open to ideas about what our membership needs. We want to hear from our members and provide services the members want. e YLD encourages members to weigh in, and if possible, volunteer. If attorney professional devel- opment or attorney wellness interests you, we still have availability on the Member- ship Team. Please reach out to me to let me know your interest or if you have any input about attorney wellness or profes- sional development. We also would love to have guest bloggers provide content for us on Twitter and Facebook. Please contact me at with ideas, questions, or to get involved. By: Jennifer "Jenna" S. Overmann, YLD Chair

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