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51 BENCH & BAR | ABOUT THE AUTHOR LUNCH-TIME CLE PROGRAMS ARE OPTIONAL. Some convention attendees lament the lack of oppor- tunity to go to lunch during convention because programming goes through the lunch hour. Lunch is optional, as is attending any CLE activity. We strive to provide as many CLE opportunities as possible during the three-days of convention and to make the offerings as flexible as possible. erefore, events are scheduled through the lunch hour. All of the events are optional, though. So, if you find yourself hungry and want to leave for lunch, that is not a problem. If you want to participate in the event that goes through the lunch hour, you can go to lunch before or after the CLE. None of the sessions are mandatory. Attendees are free to come and go to lunch and the CLE events as they please. 5 TABLES SOMETIMES HAVE TO BE SACRIFICED FOR SEATING SPACE AT THE CONVENTION. Lack of tables for some of the more popular events was a complaint at convention this year. Tables are provided for nearly all the events. And, tables would be provided for all of the events, but sometimes, a particular event is so popular that additional space is needed for seating, which eliminates the space for tables. 3 INTERESTED IN ASSISTING WITH A CLE? HAVE IDEAS FOR A PROGRAM? Contact Mary Beth Cutter, KBA Director for CLE at,or any member of the Continuing Legal Education Commission. 2017-2018 CLE COMMISSION MEMBERS The 2017-18 CLE Commission: Back Row: Mary Beth Cutter, Director for CLE; J. Tanner Watkins of Louisville (4 th S.Ct. District); David B. Sloan of Covington (6 th S.Ct. District); Graham C. Trimble of Corbin (3 rd S.Ct. District); F. Hampton Moore III of Bowling Green (2 nd S.Ct. District); Leigh Gross Latherow of Ashland (7 th S.Ct. District); Jason F. Darnall of Benton, Chair (1 st S.Ct. District) and LaToi D. Mayo of Lexington (5 th S.Ct. District). Not pictured: Justice Laurance B. VanMeter of Lexington (Supreme Court Liaison). Frank Hampton Moore III Second District Representative J. Tanner Watkins Fourth District Representative David B. Sloan Sixth District Representative Justice Laurance B. VanMeter Supreme Court Liaison Jason F. Darnall, Chair First District Representative Graham C. Trimble Third District Representative LaToi D. Mayo Fifth District Representative Leigh Gross Latherow Seventh District Representative ELECTRICAL OUTLETS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE TABLES ALONG THE FRONT ROW. e filling of seats at CLE programs is remarkably like filling pews in church on Sunday morning—the back seats are filled first, leaving the front rows open. For those who are brave enough to venture to the front of the room, they will find rows of tables with multiple outlets. 4 Alas, we offered "a penny for your thoughts," and you responded. e CLE Commission hopes we have addressed some of the more frequently raised con- cerns. While we recognize that "every garden may have some weeds," we strive to provide cost effective, comprehensive, and convenient CLE offerings. I leave you with "all good things must come to an end," or perhaps what you may be think- ing, "silence is golden." We hope to see you at a Kentucky Law Update coming soon to a city near you. Remember, "at which does not kill us, makes us stronger." LEIGH GROSS LATH- EROW is a graduate of the University of Ken- tucky and the University of Kentucky College of Law. She is admit- ted to practice in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, the Eastern District of Kentucky and the Western District of Kentucky, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Latherow is a partner with VanAntwerp Attorneys in Ashland and her practice is devoted primarily to civil litigation and employment consulting.

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