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SEP 2018

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ONLINE PERSONAL BRANDING BOOTCAMP FOR KENTUCKY RESIDENT LAWYERS SIGN UP NOW! or visit: Stand Out – Increase Self Confidence – Increase Revenue Grow your legal practice with ease Group Personal branding is a cost-effective, flexible way of learning about and implementing your personal brand. This is our online program that helps you define your vision for your future, business and personal life, in a digital real-time environment. The program consists of 7 key elements that will transform your life by helping you create your own personal brand and Unique Selling Propositions. Change is always hard and never easy. Our program offers simple guidelines to help you embrace why personal branding is so important in helping you stand out amongst your competition. You will graduate with enhanced self confidence, excellent networking skills and a knowledge of how to consistently communicate your personal brand and what is unique about you to everyone. FAQ'S: 949.274.6423 | | | | Copyright © KG Consulting Group, Inc. 2018 949-274-6423 Learn more about Katy: How can I, in a group setting online, have the support of other participants? This is Katy's specialty! Katy's curriculum is set up to ensure that if you want it, you can have all the support of the other participants, online. This is done via exercises and collaborative dialogue. If you don't want/need much support from the other participants/group, t hen Katy's program is for you, also. She tailors the learning to cater to your needs and wants to ensure you get exactly what works for y ou. How can I ensure what I share in the group remains confidential? We have a strict confidentiality policy in all our group programs, otherwise the groups won't work. Katy sets the stage for a safe, confidential atmosphere from the beginning and ensures constantly that all participants honor the confidentiality of the group. You will also never be singled out in the group, if you don't want to share. Either way, your dialogue and conversations are safe! How can I get individualized attention to build my specific brand, if this course is in a group? Included in your fee, you get ONE free hour, just you with Katy, to individualize the learning exactly for you and your branding goal. Katy suggests you take this hour sometime after the third month of bootcamp, but you get to decide. WHEN: SYLLABUS: What if I get stuck while doing the monthly self-work? Great question! It's common to experience hesitation as you grow and do the self-work. That's how you know the program is working you are changing and growing and expanding your boundaries and that naturally comes with some slow starts. Katy is always guiding participants with this very natural part of the program. Just email or call her and she'll walk you through that moment and you'll hit the ground running again. Simple and easy. Virtual LIVE Branding Bootcamp is offered from 11am-1pmET monthly and runs the THIRD Friday of each month for 7 months. Review the course syllabus here: *If you would like to ask questions to make sure this is the right program for you, email us and you will be contacted to set up a 15-minute consultation at your convenience.

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