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SEP 2018

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7 BENCH & BAR | If you are interested in aending or supporāĻžng the bus trip and conference or know a lawyer or judge who would benefit, please contact Soha Saiyed ( or Erica Bind- ner-Wooten ( Jim Crow laws were ubiquitous here. People who lived in the era of lawful dehumaniza- tion of Black people continue to live in our communities today. What does that truly mean for our society? Disparities in the criminal justice system are the progeny of that era. Kentucky has the seventh highest incarceration rate in the world. Black people are overrepresented in prisons and jails in the state; despite making up only eight precent of the population, they represent almost 30 percent of the incarcerated adult population (state and federal) and 30 percent of the confined juvenile population. Statistics show that African-Americans face harsher penalties for the same crimes committed by other groups. ese are select statistics that reflect systemic issues that cannot be ignored. e impetus for the bus trip is not just to acknowledge the past and current issues. The bus trip will be accompanied by a conference to reflect upon, and more importantly, lead the conversation forward on race and the justice system. We need thought leadership in this area from Ken- tucky lawyers and judges. We need inno- vative ideas to take the statistics and data and move them beyond paper. Chief Justice Minton is in support of this project as well.

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