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JAN 2018

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9 BENCH & BAR | of Appeals, circuit judge, advocate to the Court of Appeals, and during his terms in both the U.S. House and Senate, argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and inferior federal courts, and served as Secretary of the Treasury under President John Tyler. As a judge, he set forth a theory of jurisprudence that put judge- made law on equal footing with statute: The tension among the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary preserves political and civil liberty because it is a protection against corruption in the other branches. Judge Bibb also extolled the democratic effect of the judiciary on society: The rich are not as likely to suffer from a weak judiciary as men in middling or lower circumstances. ******** e economics of legal and academic publishing being what they are, the University Press of Kentucky is compelled to charge $50 for Prof. Metzmeier's impressive book, which educates, explains, and entertains. e book should be assigned reading in a short course in Kentucky law schools on how early law was made and the cadre of flawed but talented men who reported it. ENDNOTES 1. Hickman v. Boffman (Ky. 1808) 3 Ky. 348. 2. Text, P. 18. 3. "A History of Kentucky," omas D. Clark, e Jesse Stuart Foundation, Ashland, Kentucky, 1988, at 441. 4. Text, 37-38. 5. Text at 83. 6. Text, at 89-90. 7. "Doo-Dah!: Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture," Ken Emerson, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1997, at 58-61. 8. Text, at 143. 9. (Ky. 1906) 94 S.W. 623, 123 Ky. 209. 10. Text, at 143. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A regular contributor, JAMES P. DADY is editor of the Bench & Bar and chairman of the Communications and Publications Committee. He lives in Bellevue, where he is chairman of its Planning and Zoning Commission. GEORGE M. BIBB Photo Credit: Library of Congress MARTIN HARDIN Matthew Harris Jouett's portrait of Martin D. Hardin. Photo Credit: Filson Historical Society

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