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JAN 2018

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27 BENCH & BAR | not easy. Barbara once commented—as a matter of fact, not ruefully—that women in academic leadership had to prove them- selves ceaselessly, while men enjoyed a presumption of competence that endured until disproven. She did prove herself abundantly, of course. She managed the budget adroitly, moved the law school into the brave new world of private giving, established faculty fel- lowships and —especially— left the law school much stronger than she found it in terms of the diversity of its faculty, staff and students. Barbara was a consummate colleague. She offered me advice sparingly, but always when needed and unfailingly in a gracious tone. She invariably spoke well of others, even when disagreeing with them, and whether they were present or not. I dis- tinctly remember once talking to her after a faculty meeting in which a divisive issue had been discussed, and I wondered out loud whether some of our colleagues had spoken from a standpoint of self-interest rather than institutional interest. "Surely not," she replied, cutting me short. en she looked at me gently and repeated for emphasis, "Surely not." Today, having heard of Barbara's passing, I think about a life's work devoted to the joy of teaching and learning. e laughter through the open doorway still echoes in my mind. Will it ever stop? Surely not. Professor Tom Blackburn was on the search committee that hired Lewis as dean. He also served as associate dean during part of her tenure as dean. He recalls that the search committee was impressed with Lewis' qualifications and poise during interviews. "She was direct, quick to respond to questions and gave practical and sensible answers without any hesitation," he says. "She was just herself. She seemed very self-assured." "In the next 37 years, I did not see her per- sonality change," Blackburn says. Later in Lewis' term as dean, she asked Blackburn to serve as associate dean for academic affairs. He recalls that she was very supportive to him in this role. "She didn't try to micromanage what I did, but she was very helpful," he says. Lewis and Blackburn shared an interest and expertise in tax law, and he remembers her telling him that she chose to specialize in that area in part because she wanted a chal- lenge and didn't want to be pigeonholed into areas traditionally expected for women lawyers. "She never saw her gender as a barrier, and therefore people who dealt with her also had no problem with her gender," Black- burn says. In closing, although I only had the chance to work with her a few years, I recall her patience in sharing her teaching wisdom with me as a young law professor, and indulging me in obscure tax issues like "Boot" that I recalled from my corporate tax class. Numerous faculty and staff attended Dean Lewis' memorial service, where we heard moving remembrances from Professor Judy Fischer, childhood friend Don Metzmeier and her nephew, attorney Kevin Buchanan. While we heard stories about her life that we did not know, we were not surprised to learn that Barbara had an influence on the lives of others beyond the law school. And while she might have come in second in an eighth-grade spelling bee, the service only confirmed what we knew: Over 18,000 attorneys are licensed to practice in the state of Kentucky. It is vitally important that you keep the Kentucky Bar Association (KBA) informed of your correct mailing address. Pursuant to rule SCR 3.175, all KBA members must main- tain a current address at which he or she may be communicated, as well as a physical address if your mailing address is a Post Office address. If you move, you must notify the Executive Director of the KBA within 30 days. All roster changes must be in writing and must include your 5-digit KBA member identification number. Members are also required by rule SCR 3.175 to maintain with the Director a valid email address and shall upon change of that address notify the Director within 30 days of the new address. Members who are classified as a "Senior Retired Inactive" or "Disabled Inactive" member are not required to main- tain a valid email address on file. There are several ways to update your address and/or email for your convenience. VISIT our website at https://www. to make ONLINE changes or to print an Address Change/Up- date Form –OR– EMAIL the Execu- tive Director via the Membership Department at –OR– FAX the Address Change/ Update Form obtained from our website or other written notifica- tion to: Executive Director/Mem- bership Department (502) 564-3225 –OR- MAIL the Address Change/Up- date Form obtained from our website or other written notification to: Kentucky Bar Association, Executive Director 514 W. Main St., Frankfort, KY 40601-1812 *Announcements sent to the Bench & Bar's Who, What, When & Where column or communication with other departments other than the Executive Director do not comply with the rule and do not constitute a formal roster change with the KBA. Address or e-mail changes?! Notify the Kentucky Bar Association Barbara Lewis was a person who excelled at all things she set her mind to, and she left an indelible impression on all who knew her. She will be missed.

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