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JAN 2018

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| JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 4 On the other end of the judicial pay scale is New Mexico. e Chief Judge of the Intermediate Appellant Court is paid an annual salary of $126,505 and the Associate Judges are paid an annual salary of $124,612. Kentucky Ranks 48th, just barely ahead of New Mexico. All of these statistics support the argument that Kentucky is falling behind every year in the funding of our judicial system. e Judges in our Courts have not received a salary increase since 2011. In the years prior to that year, they had a one percent salary increase and two $400 salary increases. When you couple those numbers with Kentucky's failure to support the administrative employees of the judiciary, the numbers become even more bleak. Currently in Kentucky there are 1,682 of the 3,386 employees of our State Court system that qualify for food stamp assistance. ere are 324 employees of our State Court System that have sal- aries below the poverty guideline for a family of four. is is all unacceptable in a country whose hallmark is adherence to the Rule of Law. In late January the Kentucky Bar Association is forming a task force of lawyers from all over the Commonwealth to meet and go to Frankfort for a full day. Task Force members will meet with and talk to each individual legislator. Our task force members will also meet with representatives of the Governor's office. e meet- ings will emphasize the importance of our judiciary and emphasize how important it is that our judiciary and their staff be properly compensated. We must be a Commonwealth that places the highest value on the adherence to the Rule of Law by ensuring our judicial system is properly funded. PRESIDENT'S PAGE I'm excited to announce that the Kentucky Bar Association will host the inaugural conference of The KBA Leadership Conference, on Friday, April 13, 2018, at CastlePost in Versailles, Ky. Participants will learn more about leadership opportunities in the KBA, their profession, their community and their state. KBA members who have interest in becoming more involved in the leadership of the KBA are encouraged to attend this exciting new program. Please save the date and watch for more information to follow in the coming months. KBA LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE t o r e a d a b o u t Chief Justice Minton's State of the Jud iciary Ad d ress s e e p a g e 3 4 .

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