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MAR 2018

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| MARCH/APRIL 2018 48 Support for Your L A W P R A C T I C E on K E Y I S S U E S at the KBA A N N U A L C O N V E N T I O N C O M I N G AT T R A C T I O N S : B Y : M I C H A E L L O S A V I O T he Kentucky Bar Association task forces on the state of legal prac- tice in Kentucky and the future of legal practice support efforts to help the bar with both. e competitive pressures today may be greater than ever, and that impacts our practice and our health. e ompson Reuters 2017 State Of e US Small Law Firms Survey 1 again found that the top three challenges for small law firms continue to be: Continuing Legal Education is one tool to reach and help attorneys with these issues. e Kentucky Law Updates this past year addressed these key issues with "Creating and Growing Your Law Prac- tice" and "Technology for Lawyers: What is My Ethical Duty and What Do I Need to Know?" is year's annual convention will have pro- gramming that can also help. NEW BUSINESS/TECHNOLOGY- e session on social media and legal ethics will get you your ethics credit, keep you out of ethics trouble, help you understand the technology of social media for practice and help you understand it for business generation. Matthew Barszcz and Caroline Pieroni will review these issues as to the proper use and misuse of social media, a pervasive influence that must be managed by any lawyer. NEW BUSINESS/ADMINISTRATION- Leah Bennett and Louis Waterman will present techniques for addressing the exceptionally difficult subject of "Difficult, Impaired Or Abused Clients: How to Rec- ognize and Handle." Both in developing new business and handling the relationship, tools for identifying and helping damaged and difficult personality types will help you with the case, and help you help that client. NEW BUSINESS/ADMINISTRATION- And when client management is simply not possible, you may consider follow-up in the session "From Zealous Representation to reat Assessment: Identifying When a Client becomes a reat." Sharon Muse will discuss the indicators to alert you to an escalating danger from a client, lessons she learned from being kidnapped by a former client. is may be a bitter acknowledg- ment of today's environment, but it is a necessary one. PRACTICE- is is a shout out to the always amazing Judge Julia Adams and her colleagues Sarah McKenna and Sarah Mat- tingly on insights and practices for better results in negotiations, and the dynamics ranging from the interest of the opposing side to the expectations of clients. Good negotiation can reduce the time and stress in resolving matters: good for the client, good for the lawyer. acquiring new business; 1 the increasing complexity of technology. 3 spending too much time on administrative tasks; 2 ere are number of other interesting and useful programs. I, alas, might personally benefit from the Medicare discussion. All of us might consider the session on "Rebuilding Law For a Practical Society," given a sense of disunity in our Republic. And, at the least, you can build up your ethics credits for the coming year with the discussion of the media lawyer career of Saul Goodman. It examines his legal life from law school as Jimmy McGill fight - ing for his low income clients to the drug lawyer maven of "Breaking Bad." Its repre- sentation of how society may see law in our modern world is worth discussion, Faustian bargain or not. ere are significant challenges for today, and for the future. ese sessions will help address some of those challenges. If you would like to share your thoughts on this, please email me at ABOUT THE AUTHOR MICHAEL LOSAVIO teaches in the Department of Jus- tice Administration and the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Louisville on issues of law, society and information assurance in the computer engineering and justice administration disciplines. ENDNOTES 1. 2018 State of US Small-cap law Firms Study, omson Reuters, https://static.legalsolutions. State_of_Small_Law_Study.pdf accessed February 27, 2018. SHOP TALK

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