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MAR 2018

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| MARCH/APRIL 2018 52 T he Board of Governors met on Friday, Nov. 17, 2017. Officers and Bar Governors in attendance were, President W. Garmer; President-Elect D. Ballantine; Vice President S. Smith; Imme- diate Past President M. Sullivan; Young Lawyers Division Chair E. Weihe and Young Lawyers Division Chair-Elect J. Overmann. Bar Governors 1 st District – F. Schrock, V. Sims; 2 nd District – J. Meyer, T. Kerrick, 3 rd District – H. Mann; 4 th District – A. Cubbage, B. Simpson; 5 th District – M. Barfield, E. O'Brien; 6 th District – G. Sergent, T. McMurtry; and 7 th District – R. Blackburn, J. Vincent. Bar Governor M. Dalton was absent. In Executive Session, the Board considered one (1) oral argument, four (4) default disciplinary cases and one (1) restoration case. Judy McBrayer Campbell, Frankfort, Dottye Moore of Elizabethtown and Dr. Leon Mooneyhan of Shelbyville non-lawyer members serving on the Board pursuant to SCR 3.375, participated in the deliberations. In Regular Session, the Board of Governors conducted the fol- lowing business: • Heard a status report from the 2018-2019 Budget & Finance Committee, KYLAP Task Force, Rules Committee and Task Force on Judicial Evaluations. • Probate & Trust Law Section Legislative Chair Wal- ter R. Morris, Jr., presented a package of legislative proposals and requested permission to present them to the Legislature with the endorsement of the sec- tion in accordance with the KBA Legislative Policies and Procedures. • Kentucky Public Defender Damon Preston and Jer- ry Cox, chair of the Public Advocacy Commission, delivered a report on Kentucky's statewide public de- fense system on behalf of the Department of Public Advocacy. • Approved Ethics Opinion E-442 as a formal opinion regarding email communications when using the "re- ply all" option. • Approved Ethics Opinion E-443 as a formal opinion regarding client confidentiality in firm mergers and lateral transfers. • Approved Ethics Opinion E-444 as a formal opinion regarding issues of prosecutors with a part-time civil practice. • Justice Michelle Keller delivered a report on the progress being made by the recently reformed Access to Justice Commission. She introduced Glenda Har- rison, the new executive director, and Nan Hanley, director of communications. • Young Lawyers Division (YLD) Chair Eric Weihe reported on the following activities of the division: social events at the KLU programs, presenting the "A Road Less Travelled" program at the law schools, update on the 2018 Legal Food Frenzy and YLD's involvement with the 2018 ABA YLD Spring Con- ference to be held in Louisville on May 10-12. • Approved the reappointment of John F. Reesor of Louisville for a three year term ending on Dec. 31, 2020 to the KBA Audit Committee. • Approved the reappointment of Margo L. Grubbs of Covington to a three year term ending in December 2020 to the Bar Center Board of Trustees. • Approved the reappointment of Clark C. Johnson of Louisville for a second four (4) year term ending on Dec. 31, 2021, and the appointment of Leslie P. Vose of Lexington for a four (4) year term ending on Dec. 31, 2021, to the Joint Local Federal Rules Commis- sion. • President William R. Garmer reported that he plans to assemble a full meeting of the Legislative Out- reach Committee in Frankfort for breakfast at the Administrative Office of the Courts and then pro- ceed to the Legislature to discuss prioritizing funding of the judicial system. • President Garmer announced that the 2018 Annual Convention logo has been selected and the theme of the convention will be "More than a Lawyer." Several speakers are lined up to present including Graham Moore, author of historical fiction novel e Last Days of Night, which covers the electricity wars fought over a century ago between rival inventors omas Edi- son and George Westinghouse. A movie based on the novel is set to debut next year. • President Garmer announced that the KBA will host its first Bar Leadership Conference set to take place on April 13, 2018, in Lexington. e Conference will aim to serve Kentucky attorneys by equipping partic- summary of minutes kba board of GOVERNORS MEETING N O V E M B E R 1 7 , 2 0 1 7 BAR NEWS

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