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MAR 2018

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57 BENCH & BAR | Dear Chief Justice Minton and Mr. Meyers: Pursuant to the provisions of Section 118 of the Kentucky Con- stitution and SCR 7.040(6), a duly appointed canvassing board, on December 19, 2017, met in the Office of the Executive Director of the Kentucky Bar Association, and tabulated ballots for the special election as reflected above. Pursuant to the provisions of SCR 7.030(11), the following candidates for the designated commission received the indicated number of votes: 43 rd JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Ronald L. Hampton, 103 East Main Street, Glasgow, KY….…....19 Brian K. Pack, 135 North Public Square, Glasgow, KY…….……..19 Because each candidate received an equal number of votes, the election was fairly determined by lot under the supervision of and in the presence of the canvassing board pursuant to SCR 7.030(10) Ronald L. Hampton's name was drawn and is therefore elected. Certified as true and correct Election Results Pursuant to SCR 7.030(11), this 19 th day of December 2017. /s/ Karen Cobb Chairman CC: Laurie R. Kidd, Administrative Office of the Courts Fastest smartest malpractice insurance. Period. 800.906.9654 Honorable John D. Minton, Jr. Chief Justice Supreme Court of Kentucky Capitol Building Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 John D. Meyers, Executive Director Kentucky Bar Association 514 West Main Street Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-1812 December 19, 2017 RE: CERTIFICATION OF CANVASSING BOARD FOR BAR MEMBERS, SPECIAL ELECTION FOR THE 43 rd JUDICIAL CIRCUIT NOMINATING COMMISSION B&B MARKETPLACE BAR NEWS

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